October 4, 2009

October 4, 2009


Yesterday! -> went out to eat with Tabitha and Ashley. It was really good. Ashley took us back to my house. I grabbed my stuff, and we met Delia at Starbucks. We rant over to Shopko for ribbon and then to Tabitha’s house for her stuff and my place for her wallet she left. Then we went to Grace’s to get ready. Delia did my hair and make-up. We were all so pretty! We went to Katie’s for pictures and then Green Mill! We took more pictures at Green Mill, ate, and then went to the dance. I pretty much hung out with Tabitha and Delia. The dance was lame. The three of us decided to leave around 10:30. So I could take Delia to Katie’s to get her stuff, went to sonic, we were really hyper, we sat there for like an hour and then came back here. Stayed up a while longer and slept. I was texting with Derek at Sonic and until I went to sleep. This morning they left right away. I uploaded pictures and chilled out. Called Rhonda – walked around – met up with Derek and his friend Jimmy. We went in the woods at the end of my street and fooled around. I didn’t let him in my pants because it started raining in Ecuador today. So I came home, and just been chillen out. Going to team member night with Delia later.


<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: The term raining in Ecuador is a phrase my friends and I used to mean it was our time of the month. This was a fun memory to relive because it was right around the time when I was stressed about my work friends and still able to hang out with my school friends.

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