October 8, 2009

October 8, 2009


NSFW entry!

Great day! Didn’t have school!

I had to work last night, so after work I came up to the cabin and texted with Derek until I went to sleep. This morning I told mom I was being picked up by Delia at 11, so I took Meryl home and then went over to Derek’s. He went above my underwear and when I first got there, I was freezing, so we went under his blankets and warmed up. I gave him a hand job of course and we kissed and caressed, and I warmed up quick. I ended up getting really into it and scratched him right in the middle above his abs. It only lasted for like 45 minutes. I wanted to keep going but every time after he cums, he’s done, and we clean up. So, I hung out at his house for a little while longer and then walked home. Delia picked me up and we went to the store to get discount movie tickets. Then stopped at Starbucks for her and Wendy’s for me. She took me home and I hung out there until 4:30 because I had to pick up Brad, Devin and Rhonda to go to Zombieland! It was us three, Delia, Craig, Brandon, Harry, and Garrett. It was a pretty good movie, I liked it. Us three girls went out to eat afterwards. I took Rhonda home. I told her about Derek, she’s the only one who knows. And Meryl, but I completely trust her. Then came home, packed, picked up Meryl and the cats and came back up to the lake. Aaron was having a bonfire and called me to invite us but instead we hung out in the street, Eddie threw an ice cube at the cars, and I guess made a dent, but whatever. That’s it! G’night!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I remember seeing Zombieland with everyone and having a great time. Also, having more fun with Derek is a little cringe to revisit but still helpful in looking back on my past.

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