October 30, 2009

October 30, 2009


NSFW entry!

Had a normal day at school, came home, went to the bank, then bought new shoes – some green and pink DCs! They’re pretty sweet. Then I came back home, shaved my legs and cleaned out my car and then met Delia at Blockbuster. We rented Scary Movie 4 and Drag Me To Hell. They were both pretty funny. We ate Papa Murphy’s pizza and just talked for a little bit too. I had told her I had to be home by 10, so I left and went to Kwik Trip to get some candy to make myself hyper. I bought cherry sours and ate just one. And then Derek showed up. We drove to a park and fooled around in the back of my car. It lasted 12 minutes. Holy fricken cow. Yeah. He went in my pants, I came. :p and he came of course. and yeah. We walked around and then I drove back to Kwik Trip and dropped him off. I went to the bathroom to check myself, I looked fine, but there was some darkness in my blue panties. He said he liked my panties too. So yeah. It was good to hang out with him again. He’s so hot. I want to have sex with him, and he of course does too, he even said it in the moment. I wish I was 18 so bad. So, I came home and I’m pretty sure I passed inspection. I sprayed my car with my body spray and myself because it really really stunk bad. Mostly smelled like me. Ha. So yeah. I had a good night! Not sure the next time I’ll be able to hang out with Derek will be, but I can wait and see when the time comes. 😊

More later.

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I was so boy crazy back then!

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