November 11, 2009

November 11, 2009


School. Went to the bank and then Michael’s with Eddie and Meryl. Then at 4:30 I met up with Rhonda, Delia, Brad, and Devin at Starbucks to discuss the cookies for community club. Came home, did homework- finished two essays for English. Yay!

So, this past Sunday I went out to Panera with Delia and we talked about so much stuff. Our group falling apart, the school year, the south girls, everything. Then we went to Target and thought of a birthday gift for Andrea because her party is on Saturday. Like nobody is going to it because they have plans or just don’t want to. It’s so lame. This party won’t be as good as last year’s. Oh well. Tabitha and Craig weren’t even invited, so not sure about that.

Tabitha and I went out to Subway for lunch today. It was good to hang with just her instead of her and Rhonda. When those two are together I feel like the third wheel. They’re loud, rude and talk about stupid things. Like one time they came to visit me at work, it was a few days before Halloween, so it was really busy. They came and just dissed me, made fun of me, and said stuff like, “we’re going to complain to your boss,” or whatever. That made me mad. I like where I work and am respected there and I don’t like them treating me like that there. But I never told them because they were “just kidding” and I know that, but it hurts sometimes especially from my two best friends.

So yeah, that’s kind of how life is these days. Rhonda has kind of been on my nerves lately. I don’t know why, it’s like I’m sick of her or something. I think we might just be growing apart which is so sad! I really hate this school year. A lot. I’ll just try and live for the little things. New Moon is coming out next week! And I’m going to the midnight show with Delia and Tabitha! That’ll be sweet! Sooo yeah. I think that’s about it for now. Tomorrow I’m working, hopefully Derek will be there, I haven’t seen him since Friday. And on Monday when I worked Hunter closed. But it was okay.


<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I remember starting to feel disconnected from Rhonda and Tabitha. For whatever reasons the group of friends we all had the year prior was dissolving between different people who were once really close. It sucks to have that happen during our junior year of high school.

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