November 21, 2009

November 21, 2009


NSFW entry!

Derek and Jimmy just left!!!

Meryl and I had the house to ourselves, so we invited some friends over 😊 I had to work so I didn’t get home until around 10ish. Gil and his girlfriend Emily came over and we watched The Big Lebowski. That was entertaining. They brought pizza and movies. Around 12:30am Derek and Jimmy showed up. They said hi to Gil and Emily and they had brought over beer and such. Gil and Emily had to leave. I told Derek that my sister was upstairs with her friends smoking weed. He got excited. We went up to her room, sat in a circle and everyone smoked except me. Peer pressure didn’t do me in! Then we went downstairs for a bit, then came back upstairs because Meryl and her friends wanted to watch a movie. So, us three sat on the S chair, and started the whole “she-bang” (literally!) and yeah. Derek and I kissed, and I did a hand job and he fingered me. Jimmy ran his fingers over my body. That definitely turned me on. He fingered me too. (I’m sore down there) they both did for a total of 4 fingers. We couldn’t turn any lights on, so that was good. We moved into my room, all three of us on my tiny bed. I think a board broke actually. Made out with both, got fingered by both, Jimmy has a way bigger dick than Derek, which is different. I was thirsty so I went into the bathroom and Derek followed, we humped standing up and then Jimmy walked in. After we were taking a break, Derek took a smoke. Jimmy and I went back to my bed. I sat on top of him, and we dry humped and kissed. He knows how to move his hands. And then Derek came back from his cigarette and said they should leave in 10 minutes. I didn’t want them to go.

So, I put my pj’s on, Jimmy came up to me hugged me, kissed, picked me up so I was straddling him. I think possibly/maybe Derek got a little jealous and at one point when Jimmy was fingering me and I had both my hands on both of them Derek whispered in my ear, “if he wasn’t here, I would have sex with you.” Eeeep! 😊

Next time.

SO yeah, I’m going to air out my room and get some much-needed sleep.


<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: What an entry to revisit. No sex, but just a lot of fooling around with two hot guys when I was also hot. Hahahaha. I do remember this time and actually forgot the Gil and Emily were hanging out with me the same night before the guys came over. Looking back, Gil did flirt with me and hang out with me outside of work a few times. If he wasn’t in a relationship he and I probably would have gone out a few times too. They’re still in a relationship to this day as far as I know! I admire the trust they had and still have together.

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