November 21, 2009 (2)

November 21, 2009

9:46pm Saturday

Let me write down about the last couple of days:

Thursday – well actually Friday morning I went to the New Moon premiere at midnight! With Delia and Tabitha. We had made shirts, and I drove. We got to the theater at 10, I had brought candy, we sat for two hours and then the movie came on. It was SO good! Jacob Black = so fucking hot! Yeah, and I’m team Jacob now. After the movie I saw Bailey from work going to the 2:30am showing. I told her that it was really good! She said, have fun going to school later! So, we slept for a total of 3 hours. I felt fine first through third hour and then crashed fourth, fell asleep in fifth, sixth (failed my civics test) and seventh. Came home, took a nap/rest for 45 minutes and then went to work. I worked with Aimee, Mildred, Layla, Derek and Erin. We got out on time. I was holding up pretty nicely too! So, I came home and Meryl was here with her friends and I waited for Gil and Emily to come.

Let’s skip to today now. Woke up this morning and took Meryl’s friends home. Came back, opened all the windows upstairs to air it out, it smelled like pot, smoke, and sex. Ha wow. Ironic huh? And I turned on the fan. I pretty much sat around all day. Mom came home and blew up at us, Cathy called her. She made us clean. But she just knows about Meryl, not me. 😊 but we got our phones taken away for a week. Whatever. And yeah. Now I’m going to go talk with Meryl about my night and the 3 sum! 😊

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I remember my mom took away my phone too because I allowed my sister to have friends over while she was gone. Having my phone taken away for a week wasn’t that bad at the time. Looking back on these few days as a 30 year old it’s amazing what I could get through without much sleep and still be okay overall. These days I could not do a full day of school and working on little sleep like that. It’s a fun experience to look back on.

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