November 26, 2009

November 26, 2009

NSFW entry!

Thanksgiving day

Well let’s start off with yesterday:

Phoebe came over, she hung out with Eddie, Meryl and I. It was awkward honestly. Everyone went up to the cabin except me because I was called into work. So I went from 3:30 until close. It was actually a good shift. Took a lunch break, got a pizza treatza lunchable! I had lunch break with Diane, Dawn, and Derek. At one point the two ladies were in deep conversation and Derek was reading a book, he started rubbing my leg under the table. Nobody noticed. He went really close to me; it was nice. And then we had our 15-minute break together and I was standing looking at the schedule. He came in and grabbed  my ass and was basically all over me all during break. He vibrated his phone right on me through my pants and rubbed my leg and I made him hard. So, he let me touch him there. I gave him a hug and he grabbed my ass again. He was making me go crazy! When I took the garbage back there, he showed me a book he had found in donations about a ton of different sex positions. He’s like, “I’m going to do these with you,” and then when we could clock out, he came into the room right after me and grabbed my ass, back and front. And he’s like, “could you be late to your cabin?” and I said, yeah. But I didn’t have my phone so yeah. I want to hang out with him soooo bad. I’m hoping tomorrow night after work!

So today was thanksgiving. It’s been a pretty lame ass day. It’s just the five of us up here at the cabin. Eddie and Meryl have teamed up together and are excluding me, so I’m hating this. I am not in a good mood. And I just want to leave. I’m staying at Delia’s tonight and then going shopping tomorrow with her and Andrea. Oh! And I got my phone back today! Because I went to work last night and made the “right choice.” Yeah. So now I’m going to find something to do and try not to kill myself. (joke) ttyl!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: My mom was so weird with her punishments and expectations. She still didn’t trust me entirely but I still had to go to work and school so she had to get in touch with me somehow. I think having me go to work without my phone she realized I should have it anyway and made up that excuse to give it back to me then.

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