November 29, 2009

November 29, 2009


Shit. Fuck. Retarded. Ugh! Damn it. Laaaaame!

Friday: went to Delia’s at 4:30am. Mom and dad made me stay at the lake and drive into town early in the morning. So, I picked up Delia and Andrea. We went just to Target because it was so busy! I parked at Goodwill. I bought two seasons of House and new earrings. I took those two home, came home, showered, went to the bank – took out $350!! And bought a new ipod! Came home. Synced it. Went to New Moon with Delia and Rhonda. It was pretty good the second time. Came home, went to work. Saw Derek. We had break together. He was all over me again. We texted after we closed, and we said how excited we were to hang out tonight. I came home after work and kept pleading with him to come over and then I hear a car door shut. Mom came home. I texted him DON’T COME! And that was the last thing. Mom took away my phone again for “lying” to her. I was going to go to Paula’s house but got out of work late and was exhausted, so I came home. So yeah. I’m screwed again. Saturday, I went to work from one til close. Long shift. Went to Delia’s after and stayed over. We watched Sonny with a Chance and talked about a bunch of stuff. Woke up this morning, came home, went to work from noon til 6:30 and am now home. Ugh. I’m sick of working. I have to go tomorrow too; Derek won’t be there. I really want to see him and tell him he’s not in trouble. Just I am. So that’s all for now. Bye!

Ava Estelle

Present day me: I remember being so busy and worried about my mom busting me for doing nothing. Like, I get punished for coming home after getting out of work late and not going to my friends house like I had told her? Sure, I could have called her to let her know the change but at that time I didn’t see the point. Instead she worried herself and thought the worst of me and took away my phone anyway. Well, that keeps her from getting in touch with me when I’m still going to work and school and seeing my friends from school….

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