May 11, 2008

May 11, 2008

Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day!

Well, this past Friday was Rhonda’s birthday party. I went to drivers ed after school and then went to Rhonda’s house, then we had to rush to the bowling alley! It was really fun!! We couldn’t get bumpers, so we got a lot of gutter balls. It was me, Erin, Hannah and Rhonda on one lane/team and Beth, Tabitha, Grace and Richie were on the other. We had a game and half about and then we did cake! We got to all sign a bowling pin for Rhonda, too. We ate pizza, cake and ice cream and talked about pretty hilarious stuff. At about 8 we went back to her house and just hung out, did presents, and watched John Tucker Must Die. Erin and Beth had to leave at like 10, so at midnight we decided to make a Reese’s no-bake dessert thing. It was good. We ended up going to sleep around 3! We got up at 9 and ate breakfast. Then me and Hannah were the last ones there.

That’s pretty much the highlight of my weekend.

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: This was a fun birthday party I remember! The cake and ice cream, just the words, were an inside joke of ours. So, we had many things to make us laugh. I bet Rhonda’s parents would hear snippets and think, “what is so funny about Arby’s?” another inside joke of ours.

September 2, 2007

September 2, 2007


Well, this past Thursday was my birthday party! It was from 7 until 10pm. I invited 9 girls. We did a scavenger hunt type thing that Cathy made up. And then opened presents and did cake. We were all going to go out and sit by the fire but, we all just sat in the living room doing prank phone calls instead. So later that night we took Courtney home. Phoebe drove her. Paula, Tabitha, and Courtney got into the back of the car, and Courtney asked, “so who are we taking home first?” and ALL four of us said, “you” at the same time. Tabitha and Paula were staying overnight. So, we ended up staying up til 5 in the morning. And then took them home later that morning.

So today we went over to Uncle Ron and Aunt Penny’s house (the new one) and went swimming in their pool for the afternoon. On our way home we stopped at Applebee’s for my birthday dinner. It wasn’t really birthday-y. It seemed more of a usual/normal out to dinner with the five of us. We didn’t get dessert, so yeah. That’s about it!

Oh yeah! I got $100 from Oma and Opa! I only need $20 more until I have $250!

Ava Estelle

Present day me: that was an awesome birthday party of mine! I remember everyone getting along. The scavenger hunt was around my yard and a couple neighbors’ yards. It was so much fun. When we dropped off Courtney, I remember feeling a teensy bit bad because we didn’t tell her the other two were staying over. But this was a time when I was trying to get closer to other friends of mine and not as close with Courtney. Also, spending time with my aunt and uncle was always nice! They had a very large house with an outdoor pool and hot tub.