November 11, 2008

November 11, 2008


So, today was a normal Tuesday at school. This morning Rhonda, Tabitha and Shayla and I were walking around school and Rhonda’s backpack mysteriously became unzipped. So, she was yelling at us, “Zip it up! Zip it up!” It was really funny because then I said, “that’s what she said.” Haha.

AND last night I talked on the phone with David for like an hour. He asked me “What is one thing that you’d change about yourself?” I said I didn’t want to tell him. He kept begging me, so I gave him some clues: I would never have the money to do it, or the guts so he’s like, “it’s a physical change,” I’m like, yes. He said, “how can I say this…does it have to do with fruit?” haha yeah. I’m like “Yeah….” Then he said, “do you want to change melons into grapefruits?” YES! HE FRICKEN GUESSED IT! He knows me wayyyy too well. He’s like, “why?” I’m like, “Because…” “Why? They’re a part of who you are.” I’m like, “They get in the way.” Haha yeah.

Later he told me girls who have braces have good D.S.L. yeah. Most of my friends and I have had braces, which is pretty funny. So, I told Rhonda and Tabitha about DSL, Tabitha got it right away and it took Rhonda a little bit. I ended up telling her. So, Rhonda told Brandon about D.S.L. and the melons, grapefruit thing. And I told a bunch of people about the D.S.L. which I think is pretty funny. OH! AND I might be getting a job at Sonic!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: D.S.L. meant dick sucking lips. I was a sucker for dirty/sexual things like that. Knowing of this new acronym was like treasure to my mind.

January 22, 2008

January 22, 2008

Tuesday 9:51pm

So today after school I went up to the cabin to give Aaron his invitation to Hannah’s birthday party! I got up there and as we were driving down the road their bus drove by but I didn’t see them get off and go into their house, so I just stayed inside for a little bit. Then I saw a white beatdown car driving down the road really slowly. I thought it was him, so I decided to call him. 😊 (First time calling him without my friends there with me.) So, I was like, “Can you guess who this is?” he said, “no.” I said, “This is Ava,” and then I said, “Can you guess where I am?” he said, “I don’t know.” So, I said, “I’m at my cabin walking down the driveway!” He perked up a bit at that and I told him I had something for him, and we met outside in his driveway. I gave him the envelope and we just started talking. He talked about cars mostly and I had no clue what he was talking about. But I was trying to understand. So yeah, he said he could go to the party, and we could go together!! But he said he didn’t want to drive…? I don’t know? So, we talked for like a half hour and then we got way too cold so we parted. But it was overall good and not awkward just having it be me and him together.

Ava Estelle

Present day me: I remember being confused why he didn’t want to drive us. I never learned the reason why. This is a fun memory to look back on as an adult because it was the beginning time of me and boys. Hahahahah!