November 6, 2008

November 6, 2008


Last night I was on the phone with David for 3 hours! From 8-11pm. Yeah. We talked about lots of stuff. Random things. Dirty jokes, getting together, grapefruits 😊, a ton of innuendos. He asked me if I like to ride horses, yeah. Anyway, I’m really comfortable with him and I like talking to him on the phone. At 10 I turned my lights off and was talking to him in the dark, sometimes we whispered to each other, which was really nice 😊 and he said my name…I love it when he says my name. I had to let the cat in through my window, so I was talking to the cat in my little voice. Hehe. Yeah, so I was really tired this morning, but in an amazing mood all day. Yeah. So, I really want to hang out with David but I’m still a little scared. I think it would be okay though. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would pressure me into doing things I don’t want to do. But he really likes me. I found out he had carved my name in his nightstand and dresser while we were going out. And the background on his phone is his favorite picture of me he found on facebook. He took a pic of it with his phone. So yeah. Tomorrow is Andrea’s 16th birthday party and the last day of testing in school! OH! And Rhonda and I wrote a love ballad to Brandon because last night she had a dream that Brandon and I had a crush on each other. We gave each other love notes, his said, “I love you… you’re hot.” And mine was a long ballad, so I decided to write one. 😊 I put it in an envelope and put some lipstick on and sealed it with a kiss. Yep, so now I’m waiting for David to call me. He said he’ll call at like 8:30 but it’s almost 9. So, idk. Oh well. But I’ll hopefully hang with Paula on Saturday! And I’m going to tell her all about this. 😊


<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: My time with David at this time in my life was just a game. I didn’t like him as much as he liked me but I was still curious and loved the attention. Having the ability to share with my friends all this juicy information about guys was fun!

March 15, 2008

March 15, 2008

First Saturday of spring break!

I’m just chillen at the cabin watching Charmed and sitting in my room. Last night I watched Dan in Real Life with mom and dad. It was an okay movie. Then I just watched some more tv and went to bed. Oh! And Paula called me last night asking if I would want to come with her and her parents to Chicago from Monday to Thursday and I can!!! I’m really excited! I just need to get some money for souvenirs and things. 😊 Yeah, so I’m kind of bored, I want to call Aaron and see if he’s home but I’m afraid his mom would pick up the phone or he isn’t home. It is a really nice day out so he might be at Spencer’s house or Spencer might be over there. I guess I’ll just keep chillen.


Just got done hanging out with Aaron! He brought over his wii and we played games. Bowling, boxing, tennis and the guys played golf. But it kind of sucks because he has no plans for spring break, and I do. But oh well. I guess though, what I really want to happen is me and him hang out a lot and then when we don’t hang out, he misses me and I miss him and like we become really close. But I guess tonight wasn’t the best. Eddie and his friend were taking over the wii. I guess I’ll just keep hoping me and Aaron become good friends. Oh! And he was wearing camo boxers! Whoo hoo! Hahaha. Can’t wait to tell everyone about this! 😊

Present day me: I enjoyed reading this entry and reliving it. As a fifteen-year-old at that time, seeing a cute guy’s boxers peaking out was like the highlight of my life hahahaha. Also, I didn’t write a lot about our trip to Chicago because it didn’t revolve around boys. Go figure.