November 11, 2008

November 11, 2008


So, today was a normal Tuesday at school. This morning Rhonda, Tabitha and Shayla and I were walking around school and Rhonda’s backpack mysteriously became unzipped. So, she was yelling at us, “Zip it up! Zip it up!” It was really funny because then I said, “that’s what she said.” Haha.

AND last night I talked on the phone with David for like an hour. He asked me “What is one thing that you’d change about yourself?” I said I didn’t want to tell him. He kept begging me, so I gave him some clues: I would never have the money to do it, or the guts so he’s like, “it’s a physical change,” I’m like, yes. He said, “how can I say this…does it have to do with fruit?” haha yeah. I’m like “Yeah….” Then he said, “do you want to change melons into grapefruits?” YES! HE FRICKEN GUESSED IT! He knows me wayyyy too well. He’s like, “why?” I’m like, “Because…” “Why? They’re a part of who you are.” I’m like, “They get in the way.” Haha yeah.

Later he told me girls who have braces have good D.S.L. yeah. Most of my friends and I have had braces, which is pretty funny. So, I told Rhonda and Tabitha about DSL, Tabitha got it right away and it took Rhonda a little bit. I ended up telling her. So, Rhonda told Brandon about D.S.L. and the melons, grapefruit thing. And I told a bunch of people about the D.S.L. which I think is pretty funny. OH! AND I might be getting a job at Sonic!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: D.S.L. meant dick sucking lips. I was a sucker for dirty/sexual things like that. Knowing of this new acronym was like treasure to my mind.

November 9, 2008

November 9, 2008

Sunday 9:05pm

This past weekend was an alright one. Friday night was Andrea’s sweet 16 birthday party. It was a lot of fun! We tried to watch Batman Begins but everyone was talking too much. There were a lot of people there. I got a good number of pictures. I was texting with David the whole time as well. There were some dirty texts. Rhonda sent some. I told him I had some to drink, and he asked me if I would “lose it to him” I said “maybe” he’s like “Maybe?” it was weird. I found out he had been drinking a little bit. So yeah. I told like everyone about David. (All the guys) because David called me, and Brandon talked to him for a bit. Anyway, it was a good raunchy party. I had a lot of fun! Last night I talked to David on the phone a bit from like 11-12. I was almost asleep, and he called me, but he had been at a bar with his dad before, so he was a little out of it. Yeah. That’s about it.

<3 Ava

Present day me: I didn’t actually drink at this sweet 16 birthday party. I just told David that to be suggestive. This was a really fun party with everyone getting along and just being silly. Andrea had a house where the basement had a tv and sitting space, as well as a little kitchen and backyard out the side door. It was perfect for us teens to just hang out.

January 20, 2008

January 20, 2008


Copied from notes on my ipod touch <3

Friday, Jan. 18, 2008 – 4:47pm

Just found out Aaron wants a girlfriend!!!! Said so on his headline on myspace! But the comments I sent him last night (3-4) he deleted! Well one of them had my cell number on it… but still why would he delete them?? Rhonda said maybe he wants to keep his plans a secret from his friends, because then that means he’s coming to the mall or something… but I don’t really know for sure. I’m staying at Hannah’s house tonight with Rhonda and we’re going to call Aaron and Rhonda said she’ll act like a stalker and ask him why he deleted my comments. 😊 I just hope he’s home and not doing anything and would want to talk to me at least. And I said I’ll have to be all flirty because he’s looking for a girlfriend now and I’m pretty desperate for a boyfriend. I hope when we call him, he doesn’t say, “Guess what I did today! I asked a girl out named (insert name here) and now we’re going out!” If he says that I’m going to scream! Or (we were joking around) if he said, “Guess what I found out today! I’m a homosexual!” Hannah and Rhonda would laugh, and I’d start crying…ugh! Why can’t I get to know him better? I need to be more outgoing or flirty…yeah.

Yesterday – Jan. 19, 2008 – 9:11pm

So last night I stayed at Hannah’s with Rhonda. It was a lot of fun! We had mashed potatoes, gravy and turkey for dinner 😊 Then we hung out in her room and called Aaron 😊😊😊 Rhonda talked to him first and then I did. He sounded bored when on the phone with Rhonda and sounded happy when he talked to me! We talked about my cabin and his house and why he deleted my comments! He said his brother sent him some comments that he didn’t want anyone to see so he went crazy on the deleting. Yeah, likely story. But he said he had an old pinball machine! It sounds really cool, and he has a piano. But he doesn’t know how to play chopsticks, so I told him I’ll teach him sometime. We talked about movies too. He’s like, “I can never sit still,” and I’m like, “then what do you do at like movies and stuff?” he’s like, “I get up and walk around or I go to the bathroom 20 times,” I’m like, “there’s not reason to see a movie then,” but he said, “well it’s just chick flicks I don’t like.” And I’m like, “Well, yeah you’re a guy. I’d never take you to a chick flick.” He said, “well I’d sit through one if it was with a girl I really like,” I KNOW!!!! That made me smile. I’m just like, “Oh, that’s good to know.” Yeah, when we were talking about his pinball machine, he told me his backdoor is always open. And that I can go into his house whenever. Yeah, I gave him my cell number so he could call me today telling me if he could go to the mall or not. So, after that we just hung out. Went to sleep at midnight and woke up at 9. Good nine hours of sleep. So, Rhonda’s mom picked me up and took me home. I took a shower and got ready for the mall! Thinking that Aaron would be there (I was getting too excited for it) But he wasn’t there!!! We walked around the mall like a ton of times looking for him, but we never did 🙁 so we gave up. I found a dress and that was it.

Ava Estelle

Present day me: My friends back then were so funny. This makes me miss myspace too and being able to leave comments and read people’s headlines. We had nicknames for everything back then, especially sexual things so when we learned we were having mashed potatoes, gravy, and turkey for dinner that night we giggled to each other about the inside jokes we had. I also love those foods together still! Reading about Aaron and my conversation on the phone made me laugh a lot. His pinball machine was real, although I never was brave enough to go to his house and enter through the back door myself. Also, reading this entry today I’m not certain he was flirting with me with those lines, but I felt like I was trying to flirt with him!