March 22, 2007

March 22, 2007

Yesterday us five got up, drove up hwy 1 to Muir Woods! It had more giant Redwoods! It was actually a pretty cool place. We got there and had lunch, then walked on the many trails for about three hours. Then dad wanted to drive through Berkeley College. We got lost finding Berkeley. But when we did find it, we had to pay to drive through campus. So, we didn’t see anything at Berkeley! Dad and mom were kind of disappointed but oh well. Then we were all hungry and mom and Eddie had to pee. So, we set off to find a restaurant with a bathroom! We found a bathroom, but the restaurant couldn’t accept credit cards. So…. we went to the grocery story to get dinner. It was a fun day!

So, what we did today! We got up and I asked dad what we were going to do today, he said we’re going to the Big Foot Museum in Felton – just outside of the city. That place didn’t open until 1 o’clock, so we went downtown to check out the stores. We went to Palace, the scrapbooking store. Where I went last time with Aunt Penny and got all the cool stationary stuff. And we looked at other stores. Oh yeah! I watched The Family Stone on tv. And Meryl, mom and me went on a walk down the beach before we went downtown. We drove to the museum, and it ended up being closed, so we just drove back to the house.

Ava Estelle

Present day me: The redwoods were amazing!!! I remember taking many pictures while there.

A few years prior to this time I had the opportunity to visit my Aunt Penny in California all by myself. I wasn’t too scared of flying alone because I had done it a few times with my family already at that age. When I was with only Aunt Penny, she and I did a ton of shopping and sightseeing. I only had a couple days with her for that trip, and I had a great time! I got so many cool scrapbooking, notebooks and writing things from that store – Palace. I dreamt about going back between the two visits I had to California as a kid. I hope I can visit again someday. I also remember how the beach was around the house we were staying at. There were sections that the ocean carved out underneath the land where the houses stood. I wanted to explore one, there were a few, while I was with Aunt Penny. But, by the time we walked back to the house for me to change into my swimming suit I changed my mind, and we did something else.

I am so grateful I wrote about this trip as it happened. Me today, would not have remembered all of this without my entries to remind me.

February 17, 2007

February 17, 2007

On Wednesday the 15th Eddie, Mom, Opa, Uncle Pat, Uncle Leroy and Aunt Margot went deep sea fishing. But that day was cold out. The wind was blowing all over and they were in a very small fishing boat. But they caught lots of fish, red snapper, perch, and trigger fish. Those fish were fileted, and we had them for dinner that night. Fed thirteen of us and still had leftovers. They got back around 10:30am (they left at 5:30am) because mom and Uncle Pat both threw up and the others were getting nauseous. The rest of the day we just hung around at the beach, and to me it was kind of an all together boring day.

On Thursday the 16th Nana took all the grandchildren and my mom to the aquarium. Nana ran out of cash, so she had to get money from Eddie. Being Eddie, he gave her all his money. (Don’t worry he gets it all paid back) and the cost for the aquarium came up to $40 USD!!! For 8 people. We walked through the outside with all different kinds of birds flying around us. It was pretty cool. Then we walked inside the building to see all the fish and sea animals.

So, after the aquarium we walked up to Senor Frogs Restaurant. That place was AWESOME! Me, Phoebe, and Meryl got mango drinks then Meredith and Susie got strawberry drinks. Good drinks! When we walked into the restaurant everything was autographed with people’s name and other weird sayings. So that was cool reading all that. Then after we were done eating a guy came around and made each of us a different kind of balloon hat. Me and Phoebe got the same design just different colors. That was a fun place. We did sign one of the pillars that was right by our table, me, Meryl, Eddie, and Phoebe signed it.

After Senor Frogs we walked back to the aquarium because we wanted to see the bird show. It was kind of weird, but okay. After the bird show Nana wanted to see the Sea Lion Show. But there wasn’t another one until 4pm. So, we had 2 hours to spare. We decided to go to the shops down main street. Meryl, Eddie, Phoebe, and I walked down there while the rest took the car. It was fun. We were all in really good moods. So, we shopped and walked around for like the rest of the day. That was the only day of our vacation that we didn’t go in the pool or ocean.

On Friday we all went down to the beach for the last day. The tide was really high and the waves were big. Phoebe and I went swimming in the waves. I got sucked under a couple times, but it was fun. We all just sat on the beach most of the day. Played 3 or 4 games of volleyball with a bunch of people from Canada! Then at 3 o’clock we had to go on a tour of the city (Kind of ridiculous to go on the last day) But it was cancelled. So, we just went out to eat at a place called Lapalapa Del Mar. They had good food. After we ate at 4pm we walked down the main street and looked around. Last night was fun. We fit 9 of us into a 5-person car. Everyone had someone on their lap except the driver, Opa. There were a LOT of Canadians staying at our hotel. We were the only one’s from the Midwest.

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: This trip to Mexico was our third time in Mexico, but our first in Mazatlán. I remember it being the most fun trip because everyone was in good moods. The Senor Frogs experience really has stuck with me throughout these years. I felt so happy to be with my family and to have a good time with them. It felt complete and like a perfect family vacation.