March 16, 2009

March 16, 2009

Day 3 in Hawaii!

Saturday night we arrived in Hawaii around 5:30pm. It’s 5 hours earlier here than Wisconsin, so we had a 23 hour day on Saturday. We got to the hotel (crappy compared to Mexico) and unpacked, before we could get into our room, which is #869! We had to go down to the lobby twice! Because our keys weren’t working. But we made it in, unpacked and went out for dinner. We were all starving and just wanted something light and easy, so we ate at subway! Haha. Right before we entered subway we saw the guys, (Brandon, Craig, Devin and Brad) and we ate with them. The guys left for the hotel earlier than us, so we had some creepy Hawaiian guys make creepy remarks to us. We made it back to the hotel and finished unpacking. Talked a whole bunch about Beth and Nate (she’s ignoring him) Hannah and Kyle (he was kind of ignoring her) AND I told them that I like Brandon. And I think he likes me too. While we were in the San Franscisco airport Brandon was sitting next to me with a notebook and he drew me as wonder woman! Haha. He didn’t draw anyone else and then when we met the guys at subway it seemed like Brandon just saw me and he decided that he wants to hang out with us to eat. All three of them were happy when I told them that I like him. My feelings for him aren’t strong, yet. But that could change.

So yesterday we woke up and got ready to go on the Best of Oahu Half-Day Tour. We were on our original 3 buses taking a tour and seeing/stopping to take pictures at Diamond Head Crater from the outside – Kahala – Hawaii Kai – Hanauma Bay – Halona Blow Hole – Famous Beach called Sandy’s – Makapuu Point – Waimanalo – Pali Lookout. I got some good pictures with everyone and some good scenery shots. We got finished up with that around 11:30. And we had the rest of the day of free time! So, we went to the beach! We all changed into our suits and walked down there with our big group of friends. We went swimming and tanned. It was amazing to be in the ocean with my friends instead of my family. Brandon, Tabitha, Rhonda and I swam way out to a sandbar over a ton of rough rocks which I hit my leg on coming back. I kind of tried to swim by Brandon most of the time. 😊 and on the way back I complained to him how my leg hurt, and he picked me up and carried me through the water. Rhonda and Tabitha saw, and Rhonda made a face. But he ended up dropping me and I got water up my nose. After we went swimming and tanning for a while we were starving because we had no food that whole day. So, us four, and six other girls all walked down to a restaurant called Cheeseburger in Paradise. It was really good. After that Hannah, me, Beth and Abby walked on the beach and took some pictures and then we had the Waikiki scavenger hunt. I was in a group with Brandon (cool!), Erin, Abby and a girl from gym class. The whole thing was pretty lame I talked mostly with Abby and Brandon. And by the time that was over, I was totally out of it. I desperately needed sleep. So, Tabitha ended up finishing first out of the four of us so I had to let her into our room when I got back and we ended up talking about a bunch of stuff. I was glad that I got to hang out with Brandon but It wasn’t like a total flirting session. We were just buddy-buddy because I was so exhausted. So yeah.

Present day me: this is fun reading about a band trip to Hawaii that I have lots of good memories of.

September 2, 2007

September 2, 2007


Well, this past Thursday was my birthday party! It was from 7 until 10pm. I invited 9 girls. We did a scavenger hunt type thing that Cathy made up. And then opened presents and did cake. We were all going to go out and sit by the fire but, we all just sat in the living room doing prank phone calls instead. So later that night we took Courtney home. Phoebe drove her. Paula, Tabitha, and Courtney got into the back of the car, and Courtney asked, “so who are we taking home first?” and ALL four of us said, “you” at the same time. Tabitha and Paula were staying overnight. So, we ended up staying up til 5 in the morning. And then took them home later that morning.

So today we went over to Uncle Ron and Aunt Penny’s house (the new one) and went swimming in their pool for the afternoon. On our way home we stopped at Applebee’s for my birthday dinner. It wasn’t really birthday-y. It seemed more of a usual/normal out to dinner with the five of us. We didn’t get dessert, so yeah. That’s about it!

Oh yeah! I got $100 from Oma and Opa! I only need $20 more until I have $250!

Ava Estelle

Present day me: that was an awesome birthday party of mine! I remember everyone getting along. The scavenger hunt was around my yard and a couple neighbors’ yards. It was so much fun. When we dropped off Courtney, I remember feeling a teensy bit bad because we didn’t tell her the other two were staying over. But this was a time when I was trying to get closer to other friends of mine and not as close with Courtney. Also, spending time with my aunt and uncle was always nice! They had a very large house with an outdoor pool and hot tub.