September 27, 2008

September 27, 2008

Saturday 10:08pm

Today we had a massive garage sale. Our family got a total of $394.97! Rhonda came over for the day, too. We walked around the neighborhood, talked about my freshman buddy, and lots of other things. We called Aaron but he was sleeping. So, then Rhonda left, and the sale was pretty much ending so I helped move some more stuff by the street. And we had a bonfire, we got pasta for dinner. And then guess who called me back: Aaron! Haha we only talked for 5 minutes – school, told him we sold our green, nasty chair that we had at the cabin. Spencer had come over to his house, so he had to go. So, I called Rhonda and we talked about getting Aaron to go to homecoming with us. He could bring Tori if he’d want. Yeah, then we got done talking. I went out by the fire, and we listened to the dirty/funny songs I have on my ipod. We did the cha cha slide and I texted with Tabitha and Tori. That’s about it.


<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I like this entry to share about a typical Saturday in 2008.

July 19, 2008

July 19, 2008

Saturday 10:17pm

At home

Just got done watching the bucket list with mom and Meryl. It was a good movie. So last night I had Rhonda, Hannah and Tabitha sleep over at the cabin. I’m pretty sure it was one of the best sleepovers we’ve had like ever! And it was a ton of fun! So, everyone got dropped off here between 3 & 4. We drove up, unpacked and went to get the mail. Rhonda had called Aaron’s house on the car ride up and he was at work. So, we knew he wasn’t home. But we walked down the street and took pictures. Pretty much all we did last night was go for walks and talk. We stayed up til 3am and slept in the loft. Aaron didn’t show up at all and I didn’t have any feelings like he should be there. I think it was almost better without him there. Because it was more so us four could hang out together. So, we also had a campfire.

So, this morning we woke up at 10 and Tabitha left at 11. So, us three walked down to the end of the driveway and we see legs from under one of Aaron’s cars. He looks at us and Rhonda waves and smiles really big. We walk down the hill, and he comes down on his atv. Just like the first time. We talked to him for like 20 minutes then had to leave. Yeah, it was one of the best sleepovers I’ve ever had!!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: This is a bittersweet entry to revisit as well as cathartic. I’m grateful for these good memories.

June 27, 2008

June 27, 2008

Friday 10:04am

So, it’s the morning after my party. And I’m the only one awake. Sadly. There are a lot of trucks out here and noises and sleeping in a tent isn’t very comfortable. So last night 😊

Delia, Stacey, and Beth got here around 4. We went for a walk down past Tori’s house and as we were walking Aaron came down the street behind us on his atv and passed us. Beth yelled out, “Thanks for saying hi!” he just smiled. So, we walk past Tori’s place and see them talking in her driveway together. Just talking, nothing gross. And everyone is asking me, “Is that her?” and I just nodded my head.

We came back and stood in my driveway for a bit. Then played a few games of BS on the deck while we waited for Paula. Then we went inside and ate some food. Then Paula showed up. We got into our suits and dad took us out on the pontoon boat so we could swim off of it.

Just before we get into the water Andrea calls me and tells me she’s coming also. So, we go swimming for a while and then get out because Bridget was on her way here and we weren’t sure when Andrea was going to show up. So, we come back up here and change back into our clothes, get waters and then Andrea and Bridget show up. I decided to take whoever would want to go on an atv ride. I took Beth and then Stacey, but it ran out of gas in the middle of the yard. So, riding the atvs was done.

So, we go for a walk. We make it to the top of the hill kind of and start talking and tossing my water bottle around. Then Austin comes out and stands there with us. So, we get done playing toss and Austin goes, “I’m going to go get Danny.” Some guy that also lives up here back on the other side of the bird lady’s house. We walk down there, and he isn’t home. So, we walk back and Austin said we can go see their puppies. Aaron comes outside and meets us on the road and says to me, “Ava, do you have enough friends?” I smiled, “Yeah, there are some new people this time.” And they introduced themselves. Then we went to see the puppies. 😊

They were just as cute as before. We just stood behind his house for a while and got bitten up by mosquitoes. Then we moved to his driveway where there were less bugs. He had a radio on the back of his atv so we listened to music. I told him to change it to a certain station and some other people were telling him other stations. He said, “I’ll just listen to Ava, because Ava’s the best.” And I smiled and said, “that’s what I’m here for.” I don’t know if that was really the right thing to say to that. But whatever.

So, after we stood outside for a while we went inside to play some apples to apples. We had to sit on the floor because Meryl was using the table. So, I sit down on the pink chair and Aaron comes and says, “Where should I sit?” and I say, “Sit here,” I think Beth wanted him to sit by her but he sat by me. 😊 “I think I’ll just sit by Ava, she’s the only one who wouldn’t kill me,” he said. So, we played apples to apples. And I was helping him with putting the best red card down.

When it was his turn to judge he had the green card for outrageous, and I put down corn on the cob. I didn’t pester him that hard, I was just being silly but I won it! 😊 he’s like “Fine you can just have it.” In like the middle of the game Austin goes and tries to get Danny again. And we kind of stop playing apples to apples and start reading the cards from the “would you rather” game. Aaron and I keep making small talk every so often. Then Austin shows up with Danny.

Turns out Danny is a year younger than us. And Aaron hadn’t of seen him for a while because when Danny got into the room Aaron stood up and gave him a hug and asked him if he’s lost weight. It was really funny. Then the boys talked with the boys and girls talked with the girls. Aaron, I think, showed Danny everyone but I wasn’t listening. Aaron asked anyone for a cell phone and I gave him mine to use he called Spencer to tell him that Aaron and Austin’s little black boy statue was stolen. So now I have Spencer’s cell number, haha. I’ll probably never call it.

After talking for a while and having Paula and Beth try to get me to go skinny dipping, Aaron, Austin and Danny left. Aaron came up to me and told me they were leaving, and I had the courage to hug him! It was awesome. 😊 I FINALLY got to hug him!

What Stacey said later was “It looked like he clutched on to you.” He had given me a little squeeze. So, they left, and I was like glowing and super high off of hanging out with Aaron. So, we grab a big flashlight and use our phones and walk down the street. I play all my new ringtones and we like jump up and down and sing and dance to them. It was SO fun! We got back, ate some food, and went into the tent and stayed up til 5am!

I ended up falling asleep for about a half an hour to an hour this morning. At like 4:30 me, Beth and Paula walked down the street a little ways because the sun was just rising and there was fog down the road, it was so pretty! Then we got back to the tent and fell asleep. Now it’s 10:01 and already Delia and Bridget left. So, it’s just me, Paula, Beth, Stacey and Andrea. Everyone else is still asleep. I had an awesome summer all nighter! It was much better than I expected.

Now it’s 8:02pm. Here’s what I did today:

At around 11 we all woke up, and Andrea left. So, it was the four of us. We got up and went swimming in the rain. It was only drizzling. And while we were in the water, we took off our suits. We skinny dipped! It was really fun, very free! No wedgies! After swimming we came back up, changed clothes and went for a walk. The road was paved this morning! So, we got to walk on it bare footed. It was still sticky. On the way back we saw Aaron drive over to Tori’s with his mom and he was wearing some really hot red shorts. They were plaid. HOT! Yeah, then we came back inside and chilled in my room.

Newflash: I only want to be friends with Aaron. Since he’s taken, I don’t want to break them up. So, I’ll just be friends with him and see how time goes.

Great night! <3

Ava Estelle

Present day me: This entry is bittersweet now because I’m not friends with anyone who was at this all-nighter anymore. I don’t even talk to any of the guys. I remember this party and how fun and almost electric it was. Everyone got along, and everyone had a good time! Reading this as an adult it gives me comfort.

January 20, 2008

January 20, 2008


Copied from notes on my ipod touch <3

Friday, Jan. 18, 2008 – 4:47pm

Just found out Aaron wants a girlfriend!!!! Said so on his headline on myspace! But the comments I sent him last night (3-4) he deleted! Well one of them had my cell number on it… but still why would he delete them?? Rhonda said maybe he wants to keep his plans a secret from his friends, because then that means he’s coming to the mall or something… but I don’t really know for sure. I’m staying at Hannah’s house tonight with Rhonda and we’re going to call Aaron and Rhonda said she’ll act like a stalker and ask him why he deleted my comments. 😊 I just hope he’s home and not doing anything and would want to talk to me at least. And I said I’ll have to be all flirty because he’s looking for a girlfriend now and I’m pretty desperate for a boyfriend. I hope when we call him, he doesn’t say, “Guess what I did today! I asked a girl out named (insert name here) and now we’re going out!” If he says that I’m going to scream! Or (we were joking around) if he said, “Guess what I found out today! I’m a homosexual!” Hannah and Rhonda would laugh, and I’d start crying…ugh! Why can’t I get to know him better? I need to be more outgoing or flirty…yeah.

Yesterday – Jan. 19, 2008 – 9:11pm

So last night I stayed at Hannah’s with Rhonda. It was a lot of fun! We had mashed potatoes, gravy and turkey for dinner 😊 Then we hung out in her room and called Aaron 😊😊😊 Rhonda talked to him first and then I did. He sounded bored when on the phone with Rhonda and sounded happy when he talked to me! We talked about my cabin and his house and why he deleted my comments! He said his brother sent him some comments that he didn’t want anyone to see so he went crazy on the deleting. Yeah, likely story. But he said he had an old pinball machine! It sounds really cool, and he has a piano. But he doesn’t know how to play chopsticks, so I told him I’ll teach him sometime. We talked about movies too. He’s like, “I can never sit still,” and I’m like, “then what do you do at like movies and stuff?” he’s like, “I get up and walk around or I go to the bathroom 20 times,” I’m like, “there’s not reason to see a movie then,” but he said, “well it’s just chick flicks I don’t like.” And I’m like, “Well, yeah you’re a guy. I’d never take you to a chick flick.” He said, “well I’d sit through one if it was with a girl I really like,” I KNOW!!!! That made me smile. I’m just like, “Oh, that’s good to know.” Yeah, when we were talking about his pinball machine, he told me his backdoor is always open. And that I can go into his house whenever. Yeah, I gave him my cell number so he could call me today telling me if he could go to the mall or not. So, after that we just hung out. Went to sleep at midnight and woke up at 9. Good nine hours of sleep. So, Rhonda’s mom picked me up and took me home. I took a shower and got ready for the mall! Thinking that Aaron would be there (I was getting too excited for it) But he wasn’t there!!! We walked around the mall like a ton of times looking for him, but we never did 🙁 so we gave up. I found a dress and that was it.

Ava Estelle

Present day me: My friends back then were so funny. This makes me miss myspace too and being able to leave comments and read people’s headlines. We had nicknames for everything back then, especially sexual things so when we learned we were having mashed potatoes, gravy, and turkey for dinner that night we giggled to each other about the inside jokes we had. I also love those foods together still! Reading about Aaron and my conversation on the phone made me laugh a lot. His pinball machine was real, although I never was brave enough to go to his house and enter through the back door myself. Also, reading this entry today I’m not certain he was flirting with me with those lines, but I felt like I was trying to flirt with him!