February 23, 2009

February 23, 2009


This morning when mom was taking me to school, we were driving down the curved road and a van came the opposite way around the curve and slid across the street and hit the telephone pole. Mom and I saw it happen. We drove past him, and I saw that his air bag opened, and he was okay. Mom stopped to help him, and another guy stopped and called the police. They came, and mom took me to school. Then after third hour I heard from Samantha that Erin had been in a crash last night. She slid into a ditch and hit a tree. She had bled all over her seat from her head, which is stapled up now. She wasn’t at school today, so I was texting with her during gym. I just feel really bad for Erin and this guy from this morning. Otherwise, this past weekend was alright. Rhonda and I went to see Fired up! On Friday. It was really funny. Saturday, I went shopping with mom and Meryl. I got two new tank tops and a swimsuit bottom for Hawaii! Which is less than 3 weeks away! I’m SO EXCITED!!! Sunday we went to church. And I worked on my homework. Now I should write a letter to Aunt Brenda asking her for money for Hawaii.


<3 Ava Estelle 😊

Present day me: I remember being absolutely stoked that I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii with my school’s band with ALL of my friends! I miss having all of these friends as an adult.