January 9, 2008

January 9, 2008


Wow. Yesterday we went zip lining!! It was AMAZING!! I wasn’t afraid at all of the heights. Mom was! Well, it was me, Eddie, Meryl, Phoebe, mom, Aunt Blanche, Uncle Pat, and Opa who went. I was kind of afraid before we started. But once I went on the first one it was so cool!! That as my favorite day so far. After we were done gliding through the trees we took our harnesses off and received a free soda ticket. So, we all got free sodas and used the bathrooms.

There was a river at the end. So, we all put our feet in, and it was freezing! But Phoebe, Meryl and Eddie went off the slides. So (highlight of the day) we go back to our table to put our shoes back on and pack everything up again. I take my soda with about half an inch left in it and do bottoms up. A BEE COMES INTO MY MOUTH OUT OF THE SODA CAN AND STINGS ME ON MY TONGUE!!! I immediately spit it out, soda and everything. So, it’s getting numb and hurts like you couldn’t believe. Aunt Blanche is there (sees it happening) and I keep my mouth open, I can feel the stinger in it, she pulls it out. The whole right side of my tongue numbs up and swells. Mom gave me two Benadryl’s to help the swelling. I had so much spit in my mouth I could only spit it out. My tongue swelled up so much it had teeth marks in it from getting too big. So, we got back to the hotel room and I just laid down on the couch and fell asleep for an hour. It was very refreshing. Then me and mom went to the market to pick up some food we needed. We ate dinner with Meredith and Susie last night. Even with the bee sting yesterday was my favorite day so far.

Now, moving on to today: we got up at 6ish in the morning to go deep sea fishing. Same people went as zip lining including Aunt Margot. We all got on a bus to drive us down to the dock. We waited about fifteen minutes for the boat. Then we started out on the ocean. Aunt Blanche caught the first fish. Everyone caught a fish except me because I got motion sickness from the waves. So, I just sat there and watched, took some pictures and tried not to throw up. I took some Dramamine, but it just made me sleepy. So, I took like a two hour nap on the boat for the last two hours. But once I woke up from my nap I felt fine. We walked back to the hotel (15 min) and had some food, got into our swimsuits and went down to the pool. I read a little bit of New Moon and just hung out. Then we went out for dinner because we had the fish, we caught cooked at one of the restaurants at our hotel. It was yellowfin tuna, pretty good! We took a family picture too. So today was an alright day. But I’m getting anxious to get home and see what’s going on with everyone. And to tell them what all has happened.

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: this is a memory I still share with people to this day. Anytime I encounter a bee around me I just remain calm and hope they fly away. After having this experience of a bee stinging my tongue, I have a different perspective on bees. I’d never want it to happen again of course, and I’ve always checked my cans of soda before drinking them ever since!! Zip lining is also an experience I’d recommend to everyone. I’d definitely do it as an adult if I ever had the opportunity to again!