March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009



Ate at Famous Dave’s with Rhonda, Delia, Stacey, Ashley, Devin, Beth, Abby, Bridget, Carson, Brandon (sat across from me), Craig, Brad, Harry and Katie. It was a lot of fun. Brandon and I had thumb wars and Rhonda and I talked about him as “Ferrari.” Then it took him, Rhonda an Hannah to the school. We listened to the Vagina Song (by the Bloodhound Gang) and the bad touch. Brandon ended up paying for me because I only had a $20. And I dance with him, Harry, Hannah and everyone else. The music wasn’t very good but I had fun. I just felt like Brandon really likes me just a little bit more than the other girls. Sadly, Gwen was dancing with him the whole time, I told him about it while we were getting a drink and he had noticed, then after the dance him and I were walking to my car and he brought it up again almost saying like he wanted to dance with just me more and not her. Hehehe! So overall it was a good time with Ferrari, but I’m not sure how this is all going to turn out. We’ll just have to wait and see.

<3 Ava Estelle 😊

Present day me: I remember being so frustrated that Gwen was hogging Brandon during the dance and I didn’t have the confidence to just dance with him. Oh well, it’s a funny memory to look back on now. Morp was also the dance that was the anti-prom so we all wore random weird clothing and not dresses.

June 1 & May 3, 2008

There are a few entries here and there throughout my notebooks that represent two days. I would finish writing an entry in the beginning of the notebook then I’d flip to an empty page near the end and write down information from that day. Then when I’d reach that page in the future, I’d write down information from that day from the same prompts. This is one of those pages. Line 1 is from May 3rd, 2008 and Line 2 is from June 1, 2008.

When I get to this sheet….say the date.

  1. Today is May 3rd, 2008 Saturday
  2. Today is June 1st, 2008 Sunday
  1. It’s 5:56pm, at the cabin, still single ☹
  2. 9:18pm at home, yep…doing okay
  1. Just listening to Love in your Arms by Eleventy7
  2. Listening to Green Onions by Booker T & The MGs
  1. And still have no ipod.
  2. Ipod back! 😊😊
  1. No job. Thinking about working at DQ.
  2. Hmm…babysitting this summer?
  1. Talked to Paula today.
  2. Talked to Rhonda. <3
  1. I’m pretty bored.
  2. Getting ready for bed.
  1. Tell me about your life! <3 Ava
  2. Saw Aaron with out a shirt on today! Pretty hot! 😊 I’m over him, but I can still admire his bod, right? Went paddleboating today! Not that great actually. Got a good tan, though. 😊

G’night. <3

Present day me: I really like that I decided to do this within my journals. Its fun to see where I was and where I’m at when I get to those pages.

April 20, 2008

April 20, 2008

It’s like 2 something in the afternoon and I’m sitting out in the yard in the sun, writing! Yeah, it’s really nice outside. So, I’m writing in here and going to work on my story. One of the cats has fleas again! So, he’s out here with me. He is too cute! So yeah. I’ll write more later.

So now it’s 9:04pm. I ended up not really doing anything today. I’m kind of depressed overall. Since my ipod got stolen, that was my most prized possession and the sad thing is, is that I keep thinking that I’ll get it back, there is still some hope. But I really don’t think I’ll get it back. $300 wasted. And I won’t be able to buy another one for a looooooong time. This just really sucks. And since I haven’t talked to Aaron in a long while, those little excited times I’ve had about him are like over. So, yeah, I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m just kind of depressed. And today Hannah and Beth went on a double date with their boyfriends. Ugh! I really want a boyfriend. This sucks! ☹

I guess that’s all I have to say. G’night.

Ava Estelle

Present day me: This is a humbling entry to revisit today. The ipod being stolen was one of the first really bad things to happen to me in my life, I’d say. Like something I’d never expect to happen but made sense that it did, because I left my things unlocked in the locker room during my gym class. So at the time it really sucked, but having the life experience that I have now, this makes me laugh. The 15 year old wanting a boyfriend really bad makes me laugh too!